Big Changes in NinjaTrader 8.1.3 New Release

Author: XABCD Team on April 29, 2024
Featured image for “Big Changes in NinjaTrader 8.1.3 New Release”Featured image for “Big Changes in NinjaTrader 8.1.3 New Release”
NinjaTrader is out the door - and some important changes that affects stability.
In this video here, we summarize all of the bugs that were fixed or features that we feel is most important and worthy of your time.
NinjaTrader New Version and Release
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Example of Some of the Bugs Fixed

Each time we put out one of these release videos, we summarize everything so you don't have too. Here is an example below:

Trailing Stops in WebTrader Didn't Match to Desktop

This seems to have only effected the adjustment moves that were made in a trailing stop. The bug #11979 corrected this so that they match up which is always good for consistency reasons.

"Target Filled" Sound File was Missing

This sound file is now being shipped (Bug #11989). Obviously this would be really important when it comes to alerting yourself, so good that this is fixed...

How to Get Alerted to New Release Videos?

Simple, just subscribe to our youtube channel and hit the bell so you will be alerted to each video that comes out. This will be the best way to get notified (and the quickest) for when a new release drops. From time to time, we notify our users via our newsletter with some other xabcd trading updates, but this is not as quick as the youtube video notifications.

How Soon After A Release Do We Publish Them?

As an official NinjaTrader Vendor, we get early access to new releases. So before they are made public, we're able to go through them and submit our feedback to see if anything could be changed or to report regressions. This is when we build our videos and get them ready, so as soon as they drop a new release, we can publish our video.
Typically NinjaTrader will publish a new release and wait around 3 days before making it a general announcement through the platfrom. This is probably just in case they need to publish any quick hotfixes. So if you want to get alerted to new releases before the official annoucement, you'll want to subscribe to our channel.

How Can You View Past Release Videos?

We have been doing these since the release of that is a long time! Below you will find links to each video of every release:

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