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Passive Sonar Techniques
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The XABCD Sonar indicator as a way of helping us weight trades consistently.
What is the XT Sonar Indicator?

Passive Sonar Techniques

XABCD Sonar is part of the XABCD Pattern Indicator Suite both for NinjaTrader 8, and MetaTrader 4/5. With the XABCD Sonar (XT Sonar as some might call it) indicator we take existing tools proven from outside of the market and bring them into the market.
Using acoustic undersea warfare in World War 1 was critical and a lot of research came out of it to create systems that would accurately detect underwater moving targets or even just whales.
Using extrapolation techniques with a low tolerance were able to use these techniques to try and forecast where the next waves of price might go and how strong those waves might be in the next 100 bars.
XABCD Sonar Indicator by XABCD Trading

Combining SONAR with XABCD Patterns

XABCD Sonar Direction Up

Agreeing With The Pattern

There is a bullish pattern currently on the chart and SONAR is indicating the frequency wave is up.

This is the situation we like to see where the XABCD Pattern and XT Sonar agree.

XABCD Direction Down

Disagreeing With The Pattern

In this example we can see this pattern is indicating a reversal. However XT Sonar seems to be going right through the top and above the pattern instead of reversing.

these are situations that we don't want to see as it indicates price could be going higher.

Projects the frequency wave 100 bars into the future.

Only requires 200 bars of past data to perform Sonar's analysis.

Can be used in any market and on any charting style.

Our education center will have loads of examples.

    XABCD Sonar Workshop

    Educational Workshop

    The XABCD Sonar Workshop is access to an educational program where 30 charts of sonar get analyzed. The goal here is to get you very familiar with how SONAR works and give you the confidence to start testing it with your execution plan.

    We also have a lesson on XT Sonar in our Education Center, but this program takes it a lot further and goes deeper into it's analysis.

    Position Sizing with Sonar