HotKeys scripts on Steroids for NinjaTrader 8

Change order size!
Select specific atms!
Change accounts

or do all of the above at once with one click.
Purchase - $149.00

Supported Methods

Stream Deck, Keyboard or Programable Mouse

Part of the product being sold is our stream deck profile we use to setup our NinjaTrader hotkeys. This is included in the download bundle for you.

Game Changer

Real Life Use Cases

These are a collection of scripts that you can use to automate or streamline certain functions of NinjaTrader. Most of what the scripts, will do smoething that the built in platform can not do. Eg. You can't in one click change your ATM, pick a new order size, or do both of those at once. This is where the XABCD Hot Key really shines as we've taken care of all those scripts for you.
  • Use Case #1
    In one click - Buy a market order and automatically attach a trailing stop with a target which is double your risk.
    HotKey or
    Stream Desk
  • Use Case #2
    In one click - Sell the market with a certain order size and have a hot key for each ordr size you want to trade.
    HotKey or
    Stream Desk
  • Use Case #3
    In one click - Enter bracket orders with a certain trade size.
    HotKey or
    Stream Desk
  • Use Case #4
    In one click - Close out all trades.
    HotKey or
    Stream Desk
  • Use Case #5
    In one click - Add and remove indicators to charts.
    HotKey or
    Stream Desk
    Hit a buy/sell market with a pre-selected ATM order attached to it.
    Change the order qty before placing a trade.
    Buy and sell the market with one click.
    Enter any trade with a customized ATM order attached.
    Change account to trade with a single click.
    Close all open trades and go flat.
    Open a trade that will automatically move stops to break even.
    1 Click Entry Order

    Video Example

    See It In Action!

    Hotkeys on Steroids

    XABCD HotKey Product:

    Everything You Get With XABCD HotKeys

    When you download our product you will get:

    A Collection of Automated Actions (Known as HotKey Scripts) - These perform certain actions and usually kept to one singular action as multiple actions can be created by running multiple scripts. So for example, one action might be to pick the account. Another could be to set the quantity. Or you could execute two hotkeys to then pick the account and then select the order quantity.

    Stream Deck Profile - You will get a stream deck profile you can use that matches what is in the video above. This can be imported into your stream deck.

    2 Custom Actions - Our support team will help you create two custom scripts.

    Support + Videos - Our support team is happy to help you, as well we have videos that explain how it all works. It's best you are comfortable using a text editor like notepad, but to be able to follow along.


    NinjaTrader 8 - This will work with all versions of NinjaTrader 8.
    AutoHotKey v1.1 - These scripts you are purchasing will work with Auto Hot Key