XABCD News Indicator

Don't Get Caught By Surprise! News Directly On Your Charts.

Free Indicator for NinjaTrader 8

Don't Let News Surprise You.

Puts News Events On Your Charts

  • Works in any market
  • Economic news right on your charts
  • Select the news event line, and text appears with information on the event
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Since 2016 When We Released It

Over 3900 Users

Free Version News Events

A Built-In Calendar Populated With News

Free Version
  • Current week of events from Sunday -> Sunday
  • Can't select individual events to show on chart
  • No color coding of events
  • Limited Countries and Events
XABCD News Calendar View

Marked Directly on Charts Automatically

Free Version
News on NinjaTrader 8 Chart
  • The free version will let you see all low, medium and high alerts with holidays.
  • You will not be able to select which news events or what priority to only see. This was a feature put into the pro version

Pro Version News Events

Enhanced Built-In Calendar

Only With XABCD News Pro
  • Current week of events PLUS next weeks events (14 days) in total.
  • Select events based on priority or individual events
  • Color coding of events
  • Many more countries and 3X more events
XABCD News Calendar View

Selected Events

Only With XABCD News Pro
  • The pro version will allow you to select just the priority events you want (Eg. Only the high priority)
  • The pro version will let you select only the news events you care about regardless of their priority. This is useful if there are only specific events you wish to know about.
XABCD News Properties

Sound Alerts

Only With XABCD News Pro
  • Sound Alerts that will go off to warn you about upcoming news
  • Customized sound files included that say the priority level "Low Priority News Event" before the incoming news event.

Keep Your Charts Clean

Filtering Tools


Smart Filtering

Only With XABCD News Pro
This is a way of only showing relevant news events onto your chart. Some news doesn't effect a particular instrument. When you have smart filtering on, you'll know the news that is shown has the potential to impact that particular chart.

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Support The News Pro

Benefits of the Paid Version

Since the initial release we've have had lots of feature requests. We've spent a lot of dev time and thus the small fee charged is to help cover all these feature requests.

  •   Show Only Events You Want To See
  •   Select Only High, Medium, Low Styling and Customize The Look and Feel
  •   Colorized and Formatted Economic
  •   Early Warning Alert System (Audio Alerts)
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