Education and Software Includes:

xabcd ninjatrader 8 software

XABCD Pattern Software for NinjaTrader 8

XABCD Product Info for NT8  
XABCD Pattern Indicators for NinjaTrader 8, automatically scan and draw patterns on your charts. In addition, we also have self-validating drawing tools - a must see!

XABCD Pattern Drawing Tools are also included. Normally patterns get drawn automatically for you, but if you wanted a tool that would draw them and self validate on the fly, this is also included.

Also includes our XABCD Sonar indicator and XABCD Hurst indicators as part of the XABCD Pattern Suite.
xabcd mt4 software package

XABCD Pattern Software for MetaTrader 4

XABCD Product Info for MetaTrader 4  
Our XABCD tools include our XABCD Pattern Indicators for MetaTrader 4

XABCD Sonar Indicator is also included, as well as the XABCD Hurst Indicator

You will be able to use our online scanner in order to filter out patterns and use the structure ratings to assist you with the pattern filtering.

XABCD Scanning and Alerting

Scanning and Alerting Tools  
This is how you can free up more time in your life. The software will scan, and find patterns for you automatically.

When you have 12 ratios to measure, finding consistently shaped patterns can take time. Instead we automate the process of finding the patterns so you can spend your time on the technical analysis.

Educational Live Streams

XABCD Live Sessions  
Monday to Wednesday at 8AM EST - Join us in the next live session about our software. Got a question on any software features? This is a great time to answer them! Or ask them any time in our community room which is open 24/7.

If you can't make the sessions live, don't worry, all of the sessions are recorded where you can view them later. You can also ask questions in our discussion room any time of day.

XABCD Pattern Structure Ranking

Structure Ranking Information  
We compare factors and qualities we've seen in over 1.8 million patterns to future patterns to help you find patterns you want to filter.

The structure ranking can help you filter down over 1200 patterns to 50 patterns which will save you a lot of time when doing your own analysis.

On-Demand Mentoring Videos

Training Video Details  
Our on-demand videos are short, quick videos that you can watch to brush up on any specific educational topics we show you. These are great little reference videos for your educational needs.

Covers a vast amount of pattern trading topics in short video format.

Video Educational Course

Course Details  
Our education center starts with the basics in your XABCD pattern trading education and goes all the way to advanced pattern trading techniques.

8 Chapters with 2-4 Videos per chapter ranging from 10-15 minutes long. This is a condensed course to provide you all the education for XABCD Patterns.

Scan What You Need

Pattern Filtering  
You have the ability to use our tools to scan for any symbol and to have the software find patterns for you.

Filtering can be done based off time frame, pattern type, structure ranking and risk vs reward to name a few.

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