Pattern Discovery Notifications

Most traders when in front of their computers get alerted through our members area/ community. When you're not in front of your PC you can also get alerts of patterns remotely too.


Member Area Filters

Get alerted to all the new patterns that meet your filters. Some will really get your attention, especially those from video game voice over actor Jon St. John who recorded the voice for Duke Nukem.


Email Notifications

Your email alerts will trigger when they meet your filter conditions. Filters can be set for any market we scan so it doesn't matter what you trade. Pick your market, time frame and structure score and always stay in touch with the latest patterns in the market.

Structure Ratings

Scanning XABCD patterns through our web based community would have saved you lots of time. Think about it this way, with over 1200 patterns each day, if you spent just 10 seconds analyzing a pattern that would be over 200 minutes or 3.3 hours a day. That's around 79 hours in a month given 24 trading days. This is how we leverage technology to assist in our pattern detection to save us time.

Alerted to high quality patterns

Average around 10-30 High Structure Ranking Patterns

These are the patterns that have passed our checks as we take an individual look at each pattern and compare it to all other patterns in our database. The goal is simple - to save you time looking at all the patterns that would appear in the day (usually over 1000) and filter that down to a subset for you to examine.

Saving You Time!

Let us do the heavy lifting...

These are not signals but is a way for you to narrow down 1500 patterns a day to a smaller amount of 10-30 which you can then do your analysis.

What do we look for to get these patterns filtered down to a more manageable amount?

  • How much room is there in the reversal area of the pattern?

    The idea here is that if the pattern is expected to reverse on a time, chances are that isn't going to happen. Why not just remove those types of patterns from the ~1500 each day and look for patterns that allow more wiggle room. That's what we've done and is one of the conditions we look for with each pattern.

  • How fast is the last leg of the pattern formed?

    The last leg of the pattern and the emotional drive that happens to complete the pattern will give us an idea on how fast we would have to react to the pattern. The idea here is that everything has an equal and opposite reaction and that the angle of the last C-D leg would require you to make a decision quicker than what most people could even analyze a pattern. By removing these patterns you remove the patterns that might have already reversed or failed too quickly due to news events etc

  • Need to filter based on time frame or symbols?

    Yes this can be done too! If you only trade the 1 hour and certain symbols, you can set that up in the pattern filters too. Check the time frames you trade and the instruments and your all set!

  • ... and many more conditions!

    We don't publish everything detail we look for with the pattern for obvious reasons, but you will be taught in our education center most of the key things you will need to determine when trying to figure out the structure rating on your own by looking at a chart.

Filtering Conditions
Most traders do not want to sit around the computer for hours and hours scanning charts. The goal of our filters is to save you time by filtering out ~1500 patterns a day to the top 10-30 each day. Then you can have these filtered patterns alerted to you through our community, email or international sms.