Frequently Asked Questions

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What is XABCD Trading?

XABCD Trading™ is a way of using patterns created by Fibonacci ratios to find patterns usually created by 3, 4, 5 or 6 point patterns. We use Fibonacci price points and time measurements coupled with frequency wave analysis to complete our multi-dimensional way of trading.

What Does Our Company Do?

We help traders through 3 important needs. Education, Software/Scanning and Mentoring. We provide indicators for NinjaTrader 8 and MetaTrader 4, but even more, we scan over 1200 multi-dimensional patterns that use both a day on average and compare each pattern to a database of other patterns to help traders filter the patterns saving them time.

What Patterns Do We Scan?

Almost anything. We allow you to insert your own custom pattern or use our pre-built in patterns that are widely popular. We scan for patterns that use price and time in their analysis. We break this down into two categories with extension time patterns (ETP) and retracement time patterns (RTP). Read the Complete Guide to XABCD Patterns to understand our pre-built in patterns.

Where Can I Find Cost and Pricing

This will depend on if you lease the software or want to purchase a full time license. We have quite a few flexible options which you can register and get a full detailed list to find something to suit your needs.

Do You Offer A Trial?

No, the shortest we have is a month but it is paid... see the thing is, if we opened up a free trial we couldn't give you all the information you need and would have to hold back on almost all of it....and since we have a reputation to maintain (as you can imagine in this industry) and giving someone tools for 7 days and hoping they can do it without any support or knowledge isn't going to help us maintain that good reputation, and really won't do you any good and would probably leave customers upset.

By not doing a free trial, we limit the amount of people who can afford to jump in, while still letting us keep up with the high quality service and support our existing members enjoy. you could always map in the patterns manually on your own since what we do is automate that finding and discovery, or if you want to just jump in we can help you shorten that learning curve and get you the tools that you really do need.

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