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XABCD Trading™ is a way of using patterns created by Fibonacci ratios to find patterns usually created by 3, 4, 5 or 6 point patterns. We use Fibonacci price points and time measurements coupled with frequency wave analysis to complete our multi-dimensional way of trading.
We help traders through 3 important needs. Education, Software/Scanning and Mentoring. We provide indicators for NinjaTrader 8 and MetaTrader 4, but even more , we scan over 1200 multi-dimensional patterns that use both a day on average and compare each pattern to a database of other patterns to help determine probability.
We scan for patterns that use price and time in their analysis. We break this down into two categories with extension time patterns (ETP) and retracement time patterns (RTP). Download our XABCD Mag™ for more information on the patterns.
We have a lot of different options available depending on how much time you’re looking to buy and if you’re going to want lifetime XABCD™ licenses or if you wish to lease our licenses. You can register to get all the information and current pricing details.
We want you to have the greatest success using our tools and in order to do that it does require training. If you’re looking for a trial we have put a paid up monthly option for those traders who are just not ready to make a full commitment.

You could always download our XABCD MAG™ and start using the resources in there to find the patterns and trade them on your own. However I would suggest that if you want to speed up your learning and avoid a lot of trial and error that you consider committing to the strategy and get a 6 month or 12 month package to see the full results of your efforts.

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