How to Get Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Working in NinjaTrader?

Author: XABCD Team on September 24, 2023
Featured image for “How to Get Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Working in NinjaTrader?”Featured image for “How to Get Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Working in NinjaTrader?”

Does NinjaTrader Work With Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency?

You can get access to cryptocurrencies in NinjaTrader but you must be on build

Charting in NinjaTrader

Charting and doing your technical analysis is possible on build and higher in NinjaTrader 8.

Trading in NinjaTrader

No, You can not place orders on the exchanges - but you can "view" the quotes and do your charting which will work in build

The information below is for and below:
The information below is for users of and lower.... as of July 30, 2018 you can upgrade to build which will allow you to get cryptocurrency charts..

Does the NinjaTrader 8 Platform Support Cryptocurrency?

You can trade Futures contracts of bitcoin but as for the actual bitcoin private keys and trading that aspect of it, no you can not. However this doesn't really matter to most people because all they want to do is trade the price of bitcoin and don't really care much about having a hash key to represent their coins.

So as for getting trading done in NT8 with a bitcoin exchange... technically not right now, but that doesn't mean you can't get Bitcoin charts inside of NinjaTrader 8. How? Futures... Keep reading...

How do you add bitcoin to NinjaTrader?

The first thing to understand is that most people who want bitcoin within their charts are not looking to trade the cryptocurrency through the platform but instead, they just want it for a charting. This will help with their technical analysis but they are not looking to actually connect to an exchange and make a trade.

Use a broker that is providing quotes for bitcoin running on an ETN.

Load an ETN that follows Bitcoin

There is an ETN called "Bitcoin Tracker One (BITCOIN XBT) which will follow the price of Bitcoin. Please be aware of the cost of trading an ETN before you try trading this particular ETN. However if you are going to trade the actual bitcoin itself you won't have to worry about the ETN fees.

Does NinjaTrader Work With Ethereum or other Crypto's?

I'm currently not aware of any ETF's, ETN's or CFD's that follow Ethereum - so this will have to wait. Currently NT8 won't allow you to import a cryptocurrency symbol but hopefully in the near future. If you are aware of any, post them below in the comments as we would love to hear what's been made available.

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