How To Overlay A Chart in NinjaTrader?

Overlay Charts in NinjaTrader 8

Video Instructions Overlaying A Chart

Overlaying your charts is pretty easy on NinjaTrader once you know how to do it. Here is a video that will show you everything you need to know in order to get those charts working. Any questions, leave us a comment we will be happy to help you!

How to overlay a chart in ninjatrader 8

Step 1: Go To Your Data Series

In order to overlay a chart in NinjaTrader we need to do the following: Right click on the chart, select Data Series...
enter the data series

Step 2: Add An Instrument

Select the new instrument and hit the drop down arrow. Find any symbol you want to use to overlay a chart in NinjaTrader. Once added to the list of applied symbols, you can now continue on to step 3.
add another instrument
Periodic Table

Step 3: Set Your Panels

Select the table as being part of Panel 1. This is probably going to be the same for most but you want the panels for the instruments to be the same so they are in overlay.
set the panel number
Depending on the price of the two instruments your looking at, you might find that the chart data of one instrument is above the other and they are on the same chart but they are not together. Right click on the chart -> Data Series on the top instrument change Scale justification to Overlay.

Step 4: You have completed Your Overlay Chart in NinjaTrader

Did it work for you?
That's it! Success! Let us know if this did the trick; we're also interested in any other neat tips you've discovered. Your chart is now overlaid with another. You can even do the same thing using different time frames. In other words, you could overlay a daily chart onto a weekly chart etc.