Chart Navigation Shortcuts and HotKeys Within NinjaTrader 8

Navigation Shortcuts within NinjaTrader 8 are all pretty simple to use. Below we've listed 4 of them that you will find most useful in your technical analysis and every day chart navigation. We have also put all the tips in a video that demonstrates the function of each.

Free-form Chart Movement

Shortcut Key: CTRL + Left Mouse

This is extremely useful and use it on every chart I analyze. When you hold down the control button (CTRL) and then press (and hold down) the left mouse button - you will be able to drag the chart around to position it where you need it.

Example: Say you are drawing a trend channel and you need to extend the trend to see where price is going. You would hold down your CTRL + Left Mouse and move the current bar further to the left giving you more room to draw on the right.

Candlestick Bar Width in NinjaTrader 8

Shortcut Key: ALT + Up/Down Arrows

There are times in your trading day that you are re-scaling the charts. This can make each candlestick bar further from the previous one creating gaps between the bars. One thing you can do to make the chart look more normal is make the candlestick bars skinny or fatter depending on the desired result. This would be an annoying task if you had to do it in the properties, so instead hold down the ALT Key and tap the up and down arrows multiple times and watch the candlesticks grow or shrink.

Zooming In/Out On A NinjaTrader 8 Chart

Shortcut Key: CTRL + Up/Down Arrows

Zooming in and out is quite common to do when your charting. It's pretty easy too since all you need to do is hold CTRL + Up/Down Arrows to zoom in and out of a chart. This makes it a lot easier than trying to re scale your chart and and then move the chart around. A simple task now made even easier with the use of shortcuts and hotkeys.

Moving Current Price Up/Down

Shortcut Key: Shift + Up/Down Arrows

Price is usually aligned along the right price axis on your chart, but how high or low might depend on the trend of the market. If you want to re position current price higher or lower on the chart, you would just need to hold down the shift button and tap your up and down arrows until you hit the desired results.