NinjaTrader 8 Data Feeds – The Complete Guide

data feeds complete guide for ninjatrader 8

Every Question Answered on NT8 Data Feed Providers

Data feeds in NinjaTrader 8 will be discussed below along with the most commonly asked questions. You can use a data feed provider or you can use a broker and we'll talk about the differences below as well give you an idea on cost.

Futures Data for NinjaTrader


Futures Traders can get data for 2 weeks for free to test it out with Kinetick. After, you must pay like everyone else for the data feeds because the futures markets are traded on an exchange and that exchange has to be able to run, function, employ people - you get the idea... it needs to be funded.

Free Futures Data

The free Futures Data can be got by falling this link here: Trial of NinjaTrader 8 Futures Data

Forex Data for NinjaTrader


FOREX Traders you should never have to pay for FOREX data. This should always be free for you. FXCM provides a free unlimited FX data account, and many brokers also provide their FX data for free. It's no different or better than paid data.

The free FOREX Data can be got by falling this link here: Trial of NinjaTrader 8 FOREX Data Just remember to check the FOREX option instead of the default Futures Option.

Free Forex Data

The free Forex Data can be got by falling this link here for those who can use FXCM. Follow the tutorial in this video starting at the 5:00 mark.

Cost - Everything You Should Know About Data Feeds

Can I Get Free Data for NinjaTrader 8?

You need to ask yourself two big questions:

1) Should you purchase your data through a data provider?
2) Should you be using non-pro data or pro data?

Should I Buy Data from a Data Provider or Your Broker?

First, when you're deciding to get data you need to decide if your going to get it from a data provider (Kinetick, Continuum or Rithmic) or if you're going to get it from your broker. Chances are your broker will probably be cheaper.

The base account fee from a data provider is around $65usd. This is the price before you purchase any data. If you go directly to your broker the $65 average fee isn't going to be included and they will just charge you for the data subscription.

Can You Get Free Stock Data?

No. With one exception... if you use TDA you can get free stock data from them and this can be imported into NinjaTrader 8 - but that is the only exception. Otherwise, you can not get free stock data for NinjaTrader 8. Even delayed stock data feeds are not free, but it will typically cost you less with most brokers. The lowest cost option is probably to get it from your broker and ask for non-professional fee pricing - providing you qualify for non-professional pricing. This is going to be true for most people.

Should I Pay for Forex Data?

There are a lot of brokers that provide FX data for free and no cost. You can get demo accounts from FXCM as an example that include your FX data. This might be true with other brokers but I'd suggest checking with them too.

Do I Need A Full License To Setup A Data Feed?

No. You do not need a full license in order to import data into NinjaTrader 8. The only reason you need to buy the NT8 platform is if you want to execute a live trade through the NinjaTrader platform.

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