Selected Events for XABCD News Pro

XABCD News Pro

"Select Events" Feature Now Available in XABCD News Pro

Our latest update for the XABCD News Pro indicator is now out and includes "Select Events". This will give you the ability to have only the news on your chart that you want to see.

Before in the past you could choose to show events based off low, medium or high priority alerts. You can still do it this way, but the problem with this is what if you wanted all the high priority alerts and 1 selected medium priority alert?

Previously you would have to show all medium and high priority which would clutter your screen with a lot of unwanted medium priority alerts.This way, things will be a lot cleaner

How to Pick "Selected Events"?

This can be done by going into your NT8 Control center -> New (menu)>--> XABCD Suite --> XABCD News Pro
Along the right side of the window you will see a white box beside each event. This will allow you to check each box for the event you want displayed on your chart.
3 events selected (two low priority and one high) on the left side of the image. And the indicator will mark in the events on the chart (and only those events you have selected). When you select the line which represents the news events, you'll see what news event in the corner of the screen.
XABCD News Pro

Other PRO Features in the NinjaTrader 8 Pro Release

With the PRO version of our software you can even get audio events with the news releases. You can even pick your own custom audio file. We include files that will say "[low,medium,high] priority news event"

custom audio alerts

Calendar entries are also color coded based on priority.

xabcd news calendar

Settings can be controlled globally or via chart to chart and more control over styling, positions and targets.

xabcd news global settings

Here is the link to the XABCD News Pro indicator if you are interested in purchasing it and we published a new video on these features on our youtube channel.