How to Control Session Break Lines on NinjaTrader 8 Charts?

Session Break Lines in NinjaTrader 8

Session Break Lines and End of Day Lines

Adding or enabling session break lines can be useful to see where one session opens and the next one begins. By default these lines should be on however many people have turned them off or changed the styling so they are hard for them to see.

Turning on the Session Lines in NinjaTrader 8

  • Right Click on any opened chart where you see candlestick data
Session Lines data Series
  • Click Data Series and a new window will open
Session Line Areas
  • In the properties window, find where it says: Trading hours break line and take note of the style. This is how it will look on your chart.
You are going to have a choice between EOD (End of Day), All Sessions or Off.

All Sessions: Each session will have a vertical line mapping out where the trading session started.
EOD (End of Day): will have the lines marked at just the end of the day) which is the start of a new session. So you could call this EOD or Start of Day SOD.
Off: No lines will be displayed.

  • Press OK and you can close out back to the chart to see your session break lines appear
Below, all of the session lines (in the blue cyan color) are being shown for the start and end of each session.

Setting Trading Hours:

You have the ability to st the trading hours for each instrument. Go into your Data Series property settings and under Time frame you will see: Use instrument settings which is a global setting and needs to be changed somewhere else ... or it is a specific drop down which you can change or set the market too.
Just below that you have a check box that reads Break at EOD. If this is on, you will get a more consistent and repeatable chart. If you don't have this selected then the way price is analyzed at the end of a trading day continues which to you could be wrong because there is no break. Having this checked on is probably a better idea.