XABCD News Pro – Release Notes and Change Log

Author: XABCD Team on September 20, 2022
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XABCD News Pro – Release Notes

Released March 20th, 2017

Style Changes for Text Objects

The text that is shown in the corner of each screen when you click on the news event will now show you the pending news event names on a font, color and style of your choice. This is very helpful if you’re using white backgrounds or want to pick a color that is easy visible. Change the size too!

Release Notes Text Changes
Style Changes for Text Objects

Pick your own audio alert file. It can be any wav format since this is what NinjaTrader 8 supports. You can easily still take any MP3 and change it into a Wav file online. If you need any help just email the wav file to us and we’ll do it for you.

Custom Alert Audio Files
Bar Count Buffer Zones

You can determine how much notice you want before an alert triggers by configuring your buffer zone. This is now done using the # of bars before a news alert. For example if you are on a 15 minute chart with a 4 bar buffer, you will be alerted through your above configured audio alert or a message in your alert log exactly 60 minutes before the news event.

Bar Count Buffer

Full List of Features

Full Feature List

The product and the list of features can be found here: XABCD News Pro Indicator. This is our XABCD Pro indicator that we have released with many enhancements requested from our users.

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XABCD News (Free Version)
XABCD News Free
XABCD News (Community Edition) is the best free Indicator for NinjaTrader 8. Don't let news sneak up on you again. Puts economic news events on your charts so you can stay informed and move around positions/stops before the news is released. Works in any market.
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