XABCD Pattern Suite for MetaTrader 4

Patterns created using Fibonacci Price and Time.
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MetaTrader 4 XABCD Pattern Indicator

XABCD Patterns

Creates any 4 point, 5 point or 6 point XABCD pattern. Enter your own ratios or use ours.


  • Enter Your Own Patterns or Use Ours!
  • Includes our Time patterns (see below)
  • Shows Historical Past and
  • Current Patterns
  • No Repainting of Patterns
  • Optional AB Fib Extensions
  • Audio, Visual and Email Alerts
  • Have us scan over 1500 patterns and alert you

XABCD Patterns Using Both Price and Time

Using both time and price to form a more consistently shaped pattern.


  • Fibonacci Time Measurements
  • Editable Time Extensions (Advanced Users in time analysis)
  • Auto Plots Time Extensions
  • Course on Time Analysis (included in your all inclusive membership)
Using Fibonacci Time in XABCD Trading

SONAR Indicator

SONAR Indicator Step 1
SONAR Indicator - Step 2
SONAR Indicator - Step 3
The following set of 3 images will show you how sonar moves in relation to the movement of price.
Our HD Video Educational Center will show you how to use SONAR with your pattern trading.

Hurst Indicator

Hurst Example
XACBD Hurst Eponents
The hurst exponent indicator will help you determine if data is persistent or anti-persistent. Since we are looking for reversals this can be excellent data.
Over 30 examples in our video education center for our members on how to use the Hurst.
XABCD Timing of Trade
XABCD Trading Retracement Patten 1 .
Bullish XABCD Pattern
XABCD Example MT4 Software
XACBD MT4 Indicator
Bullish pattern indicator long
XABCD MT4 Pattern Trader
USDCHF 1 hour Pattern
XABCD Patterns of MT4