Structure Ranking

Scanning Over
Patterns A Day

How Do You Decide?

With over 1500 patterns each day, how do you decide which patterns to trade? Our structure ratings get calculated by using a large database of over 1.5 million existing patterns.

Helpful Tip
You can filter your web based alerts, email alerts or international SMS alerts so that you only receive the patterns with a 70% structure rating or higher.

Each pattern that gets detected is then compared to this database. This provides us with a way of looking at the internal structure and external structure of the pattern and provide it a ranking.

Consider ranking your web alerts at a minimum of 70%, your email higher at 80% and your international sms alerts at 90%. This way when a pattern is really important you will know based off the notification of the alert.

E-mail alerts can be configured differently to your , International SMS), and through our member area. This can come in very useful when you want to get alerted to different types of criteria or if you want to make some methods of delivery more specific than others. This way you will get more meaningful patterns when you need it most.

Low Structured Patterns
Low Structure Ratings
High Structured Patterns
High Structure Ratings