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Saving You Time by Pre-Filtering XABCD Patterns

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Pattern Filtering Tools

Filter Over 1200 Patterns Daily

With over 1200 patterns each day, how do you decide which patterns to trade? Our structure ratings get calculated by using a large database of over 1.5 million existing patterns.

Ignore Lower Quality Patterns

Watch the structure score for every new pattern found to see how the quality stands up against other patterns. The more quality checks it passes the better.

Get Alerted To The Best

You can filter the patterns based on the structure score and only get alerted to the highest ranking patterns. This will usually alert you to the top 20-30 out of 1200 discovered.
High Structure Rankings

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Structure Scores

Every customer with access to our members area will be able to access the structure scores. If you are looking at our built in scanners for NinjaTrader 8, you will have these structure checks built into the indicator automatically.