Audio Alerts Sound Files for the XABCD™ Indicators

Sound files for NinjaTrader 8 and XABCD Pattern Alerts

We have a collection of audio alerts in .wav files that can be important into NinjaTrader. These are to be used with the templates we provide for our XABCD pattern scanning through the market analyzer’s alert functionality.

There are over 24 audio alerts files done to provide the most professional clarity and high quality audio alerts. All of the alerts include a bearish or bullish file, example of an alert could be: “Bearish ETP 1” to be played when each specific pattern alert is found.

This is best used with the audio alert template that we provide that will work along side of our indicators. For the audio alert wav files and the audio alert templates, you will need to have purchased our software since it works together with our project.

Where to download the audio packs?

You can login to our members area and under the “My Indicators” menu, then the “NT7 and NT8 Resources” sub category. Just download and extract the zip and configure their location through the market analyzers alerts. If you need assistance feel free to email our support department who would be more than happy to assist. If you are looking to purchase our software you can register to get it here.

XABCD News Pro Indicator

audio alerts news calendar

This indicator that shows news events for economic calendar data is also getting some sound alert files in wav format. These alert audio files will speak: “High Priority News Event” when one has been discovered.

Our XABCD News Pro Indicator tool allows you to select if you want audio alerts and if you wish to have them for high, medium, low or holiday news events.

Where to download the audio packs?

You can get this sound pack by emailing support. Please also include your license key to validate your purchase. If you do not have the XABCD News Pro tool, then by all means grab yourself a copy for a minimal fee.