How to use charts, templates and workspaces effectively in NinjaTrader 8?

Chart Templates in NinjaTrader 8
Charts, templates and workspaces in NinjaTrader does not have to be hard to understand. Were going to make it really simple for you in this short video.
Here is a few basic things that you can understand before watching the video.
Charts: These charts can be used with windows and tabs.

Templates: Templates belong with charts and you load templates into charts.

Workspaces: Workspaces will save all your charts and your templates on your screen so the next time you open the platform its' all arranged in a nice way.

Using NinjaTrader Charts

Are you new to NinjaTrader 8?

Charting can come across new if you have not used NinjaTrader 8 before or need some beginning help to get going. There are a lot of platforms out there that force you to trade inside one window, but not as many of them allow you to run windows and a tabbing system for your charting.
In this video we'll explain how you can go about mastering charts, templates and workspaces within NinjaTrader 8 and how they can all come together. There is also a mention about 2 free NT8 indicators which we'll link here to allow you easy access. One of them will plot economic news events right on your chart, and the other will allow you to have a horizontal priceline. Feel free to download and use them yourself.

Need Some Free Forex or Futures Data?

Thankfully NinjaTrader provides forex and futures data through their partners. I believe the futures data is a trial for 2 weeks and the forex data is endless and is provided by FXCM. You can get those data feeds on the NinjaTrader website.