How to Save Time and Get XABCD Pattern Alerts Working For You?

XABCD Pattern Before

Our pattern alerts happen automatically the exact second all the ratios are valid. You'll see nothing on your chart, and then a second later you might see a pattern alert trigger.

TIP 1 Yes, the pattern automatically gets drawn on your chart and it will do the hard work for you. Just attach the indicator to the chart and it will start sniffing out patterns.

  • Market Analyzer Scans

    The market analyzer will do all the scanning on every tick of the market constantly searching for new patterns. All the heavy lifting is done by the market analyzer and you are free to do other things.

  • Alarms Sound, Emails Sent and Popup Alerts

    Customize your alerts how you wish. Decide what time frames and patterns get which types of alert. Email or Audio alerts as well as little popup boxes.

  • Do Your Analysis

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How The Scanning of XABCD Patterns Works

The market analyzer is what will save you massive amounts of time trying to find these pattern alerts. Instead show you a nice clean dashboard of all the current patterns.

Market Analyzer Showing Pattern Alerts
TIP 2 The above market analyzer offers full customization to include any time frames that might interest you. You can configure it to show you only the pattern alerts you want to see or customize the patterns too. You can add in other indicators and add conditions. If you need any help in setting this up our support guys would be more than willing to lend a hand.

Before Alert is Sounded

  • Pattern ratios are checked tick by tick
  • Email, Audio Pattern Alerts, Popup Boxes are triggered depending on what you wanted to have shown
Do you see the XABCD pattern alert in the screenshot above? Scroll down to see how it's automatically drawn in for you.

TIP 3 It's very useful to setup the email alerts for the time frame you like trading (and even a few above). That way when you wake up in the morning you will already have a list of patterns to check out that were created during the night. Many times these patterns can still be valid.

After Alert is Sounded

  • Pattern automatically gets drawn onto the charts in the first tick of a valid pattern
  • You can now continue with executing your trading plan

What’s Next After A Pattern Alert?

Execute A Trade According To Your Execution Plan

IF you currently use an execution plan that works for you then that's awesome! If you need to create an execution plan you might want to view the content within our on-demand mentoring to find out what some options are after you get the XABCD pattern alert.

Watch this put all together here to see the alert come out live. We'll go through what happens on an audjpy currency pair as well as a futures pair on the ES.

TIP 4 Notice how it doesn't matter if you trade a futures contract, a currency pair, a stock etc, you're going to be performing the same actions every time because of the pattern being the same. Once you get your trading plan down firm its going to just be a matter of doing the same thing over and over again.

Patterns are just mapping out human emotions on a chart. This will be done the same way on any chart, bond, stock, futures contract, crypto currency - it doesn't matter. The steps you take to do it on a 5 minute chart will be the same to do it on a 15 minute chart. Watch our comprehensive guide to XABCD patterns to get a head start with your learning and it will answer some of the most common questions on xabcd pattern alerts.