Head-to-Head Comparison Between Tradingview and NinjaTrader in 2023

TradingView vs NinjaTrader

Pro’s and Con’s of TradingView Vs NinjaTraderTradingView and NinjaTrader are two different platforms – each with their own pro’s and con’s. So let’s discuss their strengths and weaknesses. We’re going to be comparing Tradingview Premium with NinjaTrader 8. We have broke these down into a few different categories:Matching Traders: NinjaTrader vs TradingView PlatformsTradingView vs NinjaTrader – Cost AnalysisOrder Types Supported … Read More

NinjaTrader 8 Data Feeds – The Complete Guide

data feeds complete guide for ninjatrader 8

Every Question Answered on NT8 Data Feed ProvidersData feeds in NinjaTrader 8 will be discussed below along with the most commonly asked questions. You can use a data feed provider or you can use a broker and we’ll talk about the differences below as well give you an idea on cost. Futures Data for NinjaTrader Yes Futures Traders can get … Read More

Difference Between XABCD Patterns vs Elliott Wave

Elliot wave vs XABCD Patterns

Comparing XABCD Patterns to Elliott WaveWe’ve recently spoken to a bunch of Elliott Wave traders, and have heard many have been moving in droves to use patterns. A large portion of those have turned specifically to XABCD Trading and these patterns specifically. But why? What are the differences between elliott wave and xabcd patterns?There are many differences to point out … Read More

NinjaTrader 8 Performance Tips You Need To Know (2023)

NinjaTrader 8 Performance

NinjaTrader 8 Performance Biggest Tips14 Biggest NinjaTrader 8 Performance TipsNinjaTrader 8 performance out of the box is amazing. However during the customization of the platform, we users might make changes that impact that performance which was original from when we first installed the platform. Following these steps will help you bring that performance back to when you had first installed … Read More

Candlestick Patterns and Their Biggest Problems

classical chart patterns

Biggest Problems with Classic Candlestick PatternsThere are two types of candlestick patterns. The first type is your classic candlestick patterns, the second are our XABCD patterns. When we talk about candlestick patterns that have problems, we’re talking about the classic patterns. These are your problem patterns: cup with handle double bottoms/tops saucers head and shoulders triangles flags XABCD Patterns actually … Read More

NinjaTrader 8 Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for NinjaTrader 8

We have a full youtube channel of tips and tricks for NinjaTrader 8 but here are a few were going to put together for easy reference. Renaming tabs, Automatic Backups, Days until rollover are all on the list to cover today.Renaming Tabs in NinjaTrader 8Renaming is very easy but also pretty powerful. Typically the way NinjaTrader is setup is to … Read More

Selected Events for XABCD News Pro

XABCD News Pro

“Select Events” Feature Now Available in XABCD News ProOur latest update for the XABCD News Pro indicator is now out and includes “Select Events”. This will give you the ability to have only the news on your chart that you want to see.Before in the past you could choose to show events based off low, medium or high priority alerts. … Read More

What Broker Should I Use?

How to Know what Broker I Should Use?We’re not going to provide any recommendations on specific brokers that you should use. However, we’re going to try to help you ask questions that will educate you on what to ask yourself.There will be no recommendations on brokers to use. This is to help you with your own research on what some … Read More

Tips for the Best Trading From A Laptop

Maximizing Your WorkspaceBeing able to maximize your workspace will be one of the best trading from a laptop tips I could possibly give you. Most visitors here are probably using the NinjaTrader or MetaTrader platforms and each platform handles workspaces in their own ways.Workspaces in NinjaTraderNinjaTrader allows you to run multiple workspaces at the same time. Think of this as … Read More

Support and Resistance in NinjaTrader

Support and Resistance

How to Correctly Draw Support and ResistanceIndicators or No Indicators?The problem with support and resistance indicators can be demonstrated by starting out with a blank chart. Draw on the support/resistance levels you’ve identified with your eyes Once your done, load up the support and resistance indicator and see if it draws all the lines in the same spot as you. … Read More