Cheapest Futures Data for NinjaTrader 8 in 2022

cheap futures data

Looking for Cheap Futures Data inside NinjaTrader?I’ll show you how to get real-time cheap futures data feed, however, let’s be clear about one thing first. There is no such thing as free futures data. This is because any real-time market data is handled by the exchanges themselves. They need to pay their employees and thus, nothing from them will be … Read More

NinjaTrader 8 Data Feeds – The Complete Guide

data feeds complete guide for ninjatrader 8

Every Question Answered on NT8 Data Feed ProvidersData feeds in NinjaTrader 8 will be discussed below along with the most commonly asked questions. You can use a data feed provider or you can use a broker and we’ll talk about the differences below as well give you an idea on cost. Table of ContentsCosts – Everything You Should Know Can … Read More

Ripple (XRP) in NinjaTrader 8

How to get the Ripple (XRP/USD) inside of NinjaTrader 8?The ripple is one of the worlds largest digital currencies by market capitalization. It was ranked as the 3rd in a report that was done by on January 31st, 2018. We’ll show you how to add this into NinjaTrader 8 for free to do your technical analysis.Setting Up The Connection … Read More

What You Need to Understand About NinjaTrader 8 Backtesting?

The Limitations Behind NinjaTrader 8 BacktestingNinjaTrader 8 backtesting is a common practice with traders but is it going to produce results that are useful? Traders will use backtesting to try and test strategies and this practice has been going on for quite some time.Although past results do not mean the same will hold true for future results; most traders used … Read More

Does A NinjaTrader 8 Mobile App Exist in 2022?

Where Is The NinjaTrader 8 Mobile App?Have you been looking on the iStore or Google Play for a NinjaTrader 8 mobile app? You won’t be able to find one as there isn’t an app for NinjaTrader. Why not? We’ll express our opinion on why NinjaTrader should not have an app.Something to keep in mind, “NinjaTrader” is originally a software package … Read More

Blank Chart in NinjaTrader 8? Follow These Steps.

Step 1 – Check Your Data ConnectionGetting a blank chart in NinjaTrader 8? Does it appear your charts are not loading? Not a problem, we’ll help you fix it. Checking your data connection might be the most obvious, but it is the most likely culprit. NinjaTrader 8 does not come with chart data, you have to add it by creating … Read More

NinjaTrader Free Vs. NinjaTrader Paid?

Ninjatrader free vs paid

NinjaTrader Free – Is This The Best Option For You?Let’s answer some of the most common questions about the NinjaTrader free version and get them out of the way. Yes, NinjaTrader is free and that “free period” does not expire. You can use a free demo account and get free data for forex and futures markets without paying anything All … Read More

Is It Worth Mining Cryptocurrencies?

Should You Start Mining?In the last few recent months the volatility of bitcoin has caught the attention of many, and obviously traders that are used to trading more conventional futures and forex start to wonder if cryptocurrencies are also an instrument they should start to trade. ×Buffett: “I would buy a 5 year put on every cryptocurrency” – Jan 10 … Read More

How to Get Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Working in NinjaTrader?

Does NinjaTrader Work With Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency?You can get access to cryptocurrencies in NinjaTrader but you must be on build in NinjaTraderCharting and doing your technical analysis is possible on build and higher in NinjaTrader 8.Trading in NinjaTraderNo, You can not place orders on the exchanges – but you can “view” the quotes and do your charting which … Read More