What Broker Should I Use?

How to Know what Broker I Should Use?We’re not going to provide any recommendations on specific brokers that you should use. However, we’re going to try to help you ask questions that will educate you on what to ask yourself.There will be no recommendations on brokers to use. This is to help you with your own research on what some … Read More

Tips for the Best Trading From A Laptop

Maximizing Your WorkspaceBeing able to maximize your workspace will be one of the best trading from a laptop tips I could possibly give you. Most visitors here are probably using the NinjaTrader or MetaTrader platforms and each platform handles workspaces in their own ways.Workspaces in NinjaTraderNinjaTrader allows you to run multiple workspaces at the same time. Think of this as … Read More

NinjaTrader 8 Demo Asking For License

Is NinjaTrader 8 Asking For A Demo License Key?We have seen this on a number of occasions but can’t pinpoint the exact steps to reproduce. Sometimes NinjaTrader when using the free demo key will ask for a license key. This often confuses people but we can help you get back up and running.What License Key Should You Use?Do you have … Read More

Using Safe Mode in NinjaTrader 8 for Troubleshooting

What is Safe Mode in NinjaTrader?Safe mode is used when you can’t start up NinjaTrader 8. For instance, you try to start it and the program crashes right away and you need to adjust orders. It’s also fantastic for troubleshooting. For instance, if you are having performance issues, safe mode can be really useful since it doesn’t load any 3rd … Read More

NinjaTrader 8 Data Providers for 2022

Data Providers: Market SupportFuturesKinetick Bar Chart IQ Feed eSignal InteractiveFOREXKinetick Bar Chart IQ Feed eSignal Forex.com FXCM Interactive OandaStocksKinetick Bar Chart IQ Feed eSignal Interactive TDA NSE: Global datafeeds True Data CryptoKinetick Bar Chart IQ Feed eSignal Forex.com FXCM Interactive OandaCFDsKinetick Bar Chart IQ Feed eSignal Forex.com FXCM Interactive OandaData Providers: Trials for NinjaTraderThese links are not affilate links, so … Read More

Top 10 Features of our NinjaTrader 8 Indicators

NinjaTrader 8 IndicatorsTop 10 Features Under the Hood?Feature #1: Real Time Pattern IdentificationWe re-coded ZigZag to make this possible!The Problem:The zigzag indicator (compared to other platforms) is looking for a confirmed high / low and not the most recent high/low. This has people using NinjaTrader commenting that the zigzag indicator is lagging. This indicator built into the platform is called … Read More