NinjaTrader Web vs Desktop Versions

Author: XABCD Team on February 24, 2024
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Accessibility: Installation, Platform Compatibility, and Ease of Access

Installation and Setup

NinjaTrader Desktop - has to be installed on a Windows 10 or higher. NinjaTrader has its' own system requrements, but you can see how ours compares to ninjatraders system requirments. This is the most popular option as the desktop version allows you to customize everything and gives you greater performance and flexibility.
NinjaTrader Web - is good for those who want to run NinjaTrader on any devices, but it comes with a lack of features compared to the desktop version so it might not be for everyone. If you're just looking to buy or sell the market on a mobile device, this might be just what you need. However, if you need to do more advanced trading, you will want to install the desktop version of NinjaTrader. It should also be noted that you won't be able to use the same brokerage account across both platforms. This means you won't be able to work of NinjaTrader Desktop but use the NinjaTrader Web version once you move away from the platform.
NinjaTrader on MAC - If you run a mac, you will need to use virtulzation to achieve these same results and can follow our specific setup guide for NinjaTrader running on a MAC. This will mean setting up a virtual machine with Windows 10 or 11. Setup will probably take you about an hour or two if your a first time user. However, this only has to be done once and then your all set forever. There is no mobile version of NinjaTrader Desktop, but there is a mobile version of NinjaTrader brokerage which will let you manage your orders.

Verdict: Installation and Setup

Although the desktop version has a larger learning curve, it's more worth while to start learning it and using a more powerful platform. This is good if trading is a long term desire or goal. Be sure to checkout our youtube channel with over 75 short video tutorials that will have you turned into a ninja over the course of a weekend.

Features: Advanced Tools, Customization Options, and Trading Functionality

Customization Options and Flexibility

NinjaTrader Workspaces
If you've used NinjaTrader Desktop you would know how handy it is to have multiple workspaces and stretch them across multiple monitors exactly the way you need things to setup every single time. However, in NinjaTrader Web, you don't have the same flexibility because everything needs to be stored in one open web browser window. You can't detach a chart and have it placed on any monitor or different virtual desktops.

Personalized Chart Settings: Traders have extensive control over chart settings, including timeframes, chart types, colors, and drawing tools. They can save custom chart templates for easy access.

Custom Indicators and Strategies: NinjaTrader Desktop supports the development and integration of custom indicators like our popular XABCD Pattern Suite.

Advanced Order Types: Users can access a wide range of advanced order types, such as bracket orders, OCO (one-cancels-the-other) orders, and trailing stops, for precise trade management

Verdict: Customization Options and Flexibility

This will depend on your trading goals. If you're just starting out this might be the option for you. It won't feel overwhelming and you'll be able to start buying and selling. If you have been trading longer than 6 months, this might be too basic and you'll wand to load up the desktop version.

Conclusion of the Two Options

Summary Between Web Vs Desktop

The web version is for those who are just starting out. It could also be for those users on a mac and can't run virtilization - but if you can run vmware fusion, you will want to go that route as you'll quickly outgrow the web version.
The desktop version will provide all the customziation that you'll need and will also come with a bit of a learning curve. This however is worth while and is where it's at and what most traders will be using.

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