New XABCD Pattern Software for NT8 Released

Real Time and Confirmation Engines

Updates! XABCD Pattern Software - Here's What's New!

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Updates were pretty significant in this release! We broke away from the normal way of finding patterns and gave our users the choice.

  • A "Real Time" Pattern Engine
  • Can notify you of a pattern alert on the same tick that the ratios become valid.

  • A "Confirmation" pattern Engine
  • A pattern alert that waits for the d point to be confirmed before sending you off an alert.

Real Time Engine vs Confirmation Engine

real time for pattern scanning
Real Time Engine

The real time engine will alert you to a pattern being found the second it happens where both Fibonacci Time and Fibonacci Price ratios line up. The pattern scanning and indicator works tick by tick and each symbol being scanned gets measured in real time.

Confirmation Engine

The confirmation engine will wait to make sure the D point is valid by waiting for price and time to align and be confirmed by a slow down in price action and a deviation of the completion of that pattern. This also means that you won't get alerted the second the pattern happens but during news events patterns are less likely to trigger.

New Market Analyzer Templates with XABCD Patterns for Scanning

We provide market analyzer templates to anyone that purchases our software. These templates allow you to have a pre-configured template that will run with both engines. The real time engine market analyzer and the conformation engine are included.

Updates of Real Time and Confirmation Engines

Dynamic Color Changing Anchor Lines

The anchor lines are the part of the pattern which are the outside edge. They are colored differently than the rest of the pattern and if the time ratios are not valid than the anchor lines will be white. When the Fibonacci Time ratios are valid then the anchor lines will be a separate color.

Blue is what we want to see; White doesn't have the time ratios lining up. Visually seeing the patterns can make it a lot more consistent with your approach.

anchor lines with Fibonacci time updates

Want to Download the XABCD Pattern Software?

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