XABCD Pattern Suite™ for NinjaTrader 8

Finds the patterns.
Does all the discovery for you.
Saves you time.

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XABCD Pattern Suite
Demo Material
I have one word for your software, MAGIC!
I'm glad i got your tools, it have saved me a lot of time!
Y'all have really done great work with the software.
Loving the whole xabcd setup!

Automatically draws XABCD patterns on your charts.

Scan's any markets or instruments and alerts you to them in real-time.

Drawing tools to manually draw on patterns with auto-validation.

Templates & workspaces provided to get up and running fast.


With advanced software comes a personalized experience.

Our XABCD Pattern Software elevates what pattern trading is all about. We provide you the ability to customize so much of our software from the look and feel, to different ways to analyze and filter the patterns.



Yes we have pre-built in XABCD patterns you can use. If you want to add in your own, you can do that too. Zero coding required, all user friendly.



Control the entire look and feel. Not just the pattern colors but how targets look, fonts used, line thicknesses, opacity levels, the list goes on.



You choose the XABCD patterns. You pick the market, and you select the time-frame. There are so many ways to customize the scanner.



Don't want to see small patterns? No problem. Want to only see patterns with obvious reversal points? We can do that. Lots of ways to filter out patterns you don't want to see.

Customized settings in xabcd indicator

Included in the XABCD Pattern Suite




XABCD Patterns

The XABCD Patterns indicator allows for you to automatically drawn in and print patterns onto your chart. Not only will it automatically draw them in, but you can scan entire markets on any time frame you want.

  • Scan any market - Futures, Forex, Stocks, Crypto.
  • Builtin XABCD Patterns or Custom Patterns so the software can grow with you.
  • Get up and running quickly! Templates and workspaces included.
  • JumpStart Educational Course included for lifetime license holders
  • Filters patterns to show you only bigger and larger patterns
  • Strong Performance to allow you to scan a lot of symbols all at once.

I have for trading I spend it on the backtesting (I've got already 5 pairs backtested from 2005 1H + 4H using your incredible tool it's just so smooth ! By the way I've completely recouped the investment in the XABCD tool which is good !

What goes on under the hood of this tool must be so complex. Some how you made it so easy for people to use. The best thing about this is the flexibility to build to do whatever you want with it.

Thank you for the XABCD pattern indicator and all the educational material, recorded webinars, and tutorials you have on your website. I've seen a few other products out there, but nothing quite like yours. I do find them to be very helpful
XABCD Sonar Indicator



This is the squiggly line that gets projected into the future. Sonar is a way for us to take a consistent approach on how we weight trades. Be sure to check out our videos in the education center on using XABCD Sonar as well as our 30 examples that we go over to get you mastering this indicator.

XABCD Hurst Indicator



The XABCD Hurst indicator is used to see if there is anti-persistence for looking for trend reversals or if there is persistence if you are wanting to trade with the trend. The indicator is very easy to read and not very subjective. Be sure to check out our XABCD Hurst crash course and you'll master the Hurst indicator.

Automatic Real Time Pattern Detection

See how it works.

Our pattern software works in real time detecting the patterns. Each tick gets analyzed to see if the ratios all line up to form the consistent set of emotions that creates each xabcd pattern.

Step 1 - Pattern alerted
Step 2 - Select the pattern
Step 3 - do your analysis
step4 - if you're not sure, put together an execution plan first

Scans Charts Automatically

Fully Automated Pattern Finding

When you run our indicator on your charts it will instantly look for patterns. Once these patterns our found, the software draws them in.

Because this happens so quickly, you won't even see the "drawing" process. Instead you will just see the indicator flash the pattern onto the chart the instant it matches all the rules.

This is highly effective for saving time and taking the hassle out of drawing patterns yourself and figuring out what points would be valid.

Identify Patterns In Seconds

Self-Validating Drawing Tools

Findng patterns automatically is one of the main reasons why many traders use our software. However, there might be times where you want to draw the pattern out yourself on the chart.

This could be because you want to project a pattern that could complete in the future or you want to see why a pattern might not be valid. Regardless of the many reasons, drawing out 11 fib patterns can take a ton of time and validating them.

Manual Drawing Tool: 0:30    |    Automated Drawing Tool: 3:12    |    Market Analyzer / Scanning Tool: 7:01



Using our drawing tool requires you to just click on the pattern points. All 11 Fibonacci ratios are then measured for you.



When all the ratios are valid, the pattern you drew will turn from a dull grey into a vibrate color. This way you instantly know when you see a colored pattern that all the ratios are valid.



Measuring out fib patterns manually on your chart will leave you with so many lines you might not be able to see your chart. With our software you only see what you need to see.

Templates and Workspaces

Get up and running fast.

We provide the exact same templates and work-spaces we use in our education center so that you can get up and running quickly without having the need to create your own work-spaces and templates.
XABCD Pattern Templates
I know this can sound a bit strange but the installer was a breeze. Was very simple to setup...great software.
Alex F.
Nice software. It installed easily and runs without a hitch.
Keep up the great work over there. Very impressed with the overall operation at XABCD.

Installing Made Easy

30 second install

Installing our software is simple.

Just download it once you've purchased it and you'll run it where an installation wizards will walk you through a simple few steps. Select the suite to install, Enter your license key, Select the Templates/Workspaces. Hit Install.

XABCD Installation for NinjaTrader 8



If you need any help you can schedule a time with our support where they are more than willing to help you.



Ask questions! We have many who are willing to help where you can ask questions and get answers pretty quickly.



Our webinars run Monday to Wednesday at 8am EST and a live recording is made shortly after for viewing. When you purchase our software you get 6 or 12 months (your choice) of access to our webinars.



From time to time we'll run discussions on particular topics surrounding our software. These are great learning opportunities to master the specifics of what the software can do. This is part of our educational offering that is included.

Features List

Specific Features

XABCD Pattern Indicator:

  Automatically finds 4 Point Patterns, 5 Point, and 6 Point Patterns.  

  Automatic drawing of patterns or the use of drawing tools!

  Functions on all markets and time-frames

  Show's Past and Current Patterns  

   Custom Colored Patterns for easy identification

   XABCD Pattern Filters (By Size and other methods)

  XABCD Flexible Gap Percentages

  Advanced Control for Pattern Points

   Responsive Drawing Tools

  Self validation of drawing tools (Turns from grey to a color when valid)

   Scans entire markets and any instruments.

  Built in alerts already configured.

  Enter Custom Fibonacci Targets

  Optional Pattern Point Targets

  Change font styles, color, sizes, opacity

   Multi-dimensional (Fibonacci Time and Price Checks)

   Automatic Risk vs Reward Calculator

   Scans all the markets and can be customized for any time frame  

   Can alert in confirmation mode or real-time mode for automatic pattern identification.

Education / Learning:

  Education center which is video driven and broken down into short 10-15 minute lessons

  Webinars that happen to help answer questions live

  On-demand lessons which are broken down per individual topic for a quick review

  Community access to ask questions 24/7 with other members

   Group Discussions and Workshops

   Recorded webinars for review


  All videos are done in HD quality.

  Lifetime XABCD License holders get access to the JumpStart program to kick off your usage.

  Crash course topics available for the NT8 XABCD Pattern Suite.

  Templates for charts, drawing tools, indicators etc

  Market analyzer templates are also provided and customization

   Workspace templates have been created to get you up and running with the software quickly.

Customer Support

  You'll have access to our support team who can help you answer any questions

  We can help you set up the software on your PC

  Live chat support available for quick questions.

Licensing Types

You choose, lease it or buy it.

Leased Indicators

Indicators Cost: Leased monthly..

Education: Month by Month

Education Includes: Education Center, On-Demand Training, Community Access, Live Software Education Webinars

Lifetime Indicators

Indicators Cost: One time fee. Never Expires.

Education: 6 months or 12 months of Included - You pick!

Education Includes: Jump Start, Education Center, On-Demand Training, Community Access, Live Software Education Webinars

4.9/5 - 25 Reviews
I think I am just about up to speed. Software is genius, and webinars are outstanding.

I’m amazed at how the indicators can do the work in locating a possible pattern to trade.

I use XABCD every day to find pattern, it is a great software.

We invested in this application a few months ago and we love it so far.

After working with the Tools for another few days, i really start to like XABCD patterns
It’s very nice, clean, and efficient.

I like the indicator as I think it can help me to save a lot of time in founding trading opportunity.

The indicators I purchased from you are doing well on my NinjaTrader 8 platform. The coding you had done for these indicators seems to be of exceptionally high quality, After rigorous testing I've encountered no issue's so far.....this very rarely happens.

The XABCD pattern indicator, if used correctly, is the only indicator I know which has really great predictive power!

This is fantastic.

As part of the community for a while now, i must say im impressed. ALL the members are positive and helpful. I traded before i came here, but slowly bled my account. Originally i just wanted the software, and the mentoring not so much. BUT they have stepped up and slapped some sense into me, although i came very far on my own, i wasn't nearly good enough and i was getting a bit lost. This all changed when i started listening, Trust me you don't have to be far off to feel completely lost, But they do a very good job making you realize things you overlook, and re-directing your energy to where it counts. still have 4 months to go, but until now it has been a great value for money!

I have been using the indicators though and they are very favorable a better percentage of the time.

Very impressed. I'm so glad I came across XABCD Trading.

Downloaded the indicators for NT8 and installed them. I am having a lot of fun playing with them. Looking like they just might work out for me!!!!

love the software

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