How to use the Market Analyzer templates for scanning NinjaTrader 8?

Market Analyzer Templates

Start Scanning with Market Analyzer Templates

The market analyzer is part of NinjaTrader 8. It has a ton of abilities for scanning for potential opportunities if you know how to use it. This article is not going to cover the usage of it as we'll probably have many videos on our youtube channel to cover that, but instead I want to focus on the use of the market analyzer templates.

What is the purpose of a market analyzer template?

It can take a lot of work and time to setup a market analyzer template to work properly. This includes setting up all the columns, but also the conditions and filtering to cells change color when meaningful conditions are met.
Example of the market analyzer in NinjaTrader scanning for xabcd patterns
In the image above you can see we setup 3 columns for every time frame. This would look a lot better when you could have it displayed across your big monitor where the columns won't be so tiny.
In our case since we are looking for patterns, each time frame has a column to show us which pattern has been found. The column is also color coded to match the color of the pattern that is identified. By clicking on the column, you are linked to a chart which automatically display's the pattern that is running our NinjaTrader 8 indicator suite.
You can also add in any indicators you want into the market analyzer. If you are someone that uses MACD, CCI or Stochastic's, all of these values can be put into the market analyzer, and cells can change color based off their results.

Download our Market Analyzer Templates

Our market analyzer templates can be downloaded from within our members area. If you are a member you can login, otherwise you will need to register and setup your account to gain access to download our templates. These templates will only work with our NT8 suite since they require our indicator to populate the market analyzer data.
This video will go over the market analyzer and give you a brief over view on how we use it.

Questions regarding the Market Analyzer?

Do you have any questions regarding the market analyzer and what it can do? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to type your question in below by leaving a reply or you can contact us another way.

2 Comments on “How to use the Market Analyzer templates for scanning NinjaTrader 8?”

  1. Hello. I have watched some videos on Ninjatrader 8 Market Analyzer. I see there is now a condition available that will produce a trigger when for example the 10 SMA crosses above/below the 20 SMA. Does this mean I can have a cell condition that colours the cell red when the 10 SMA is ALREADY below the 20 SMA? Or does the cross above/below condition only change the cell colour at the time the cross happens? I’m not talking about Alerts. I’m interested in the cell conditions only. So, I want to see the cell colour green when the 10 SMA is ALREADY above the 20 SMA? The SMA is a simple example but ideally I want to use it for Oscillator type indicators for example colour the cell green when the MACD is above its signal line?

  2. Hello Rob,

    At this time NinjaTrader has not included this feature. Their values field is based off an integer number that must be typed in and not a dynamic value. It would be a great feature request though and have their value inputs to use values from other columns and data within the indicator itself.

    Great question (and suggestion for them)!

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